Wednesday, October 6, 2021

I use feng shui to find my fortunate career

If talking about my life, I have many failure.

Until today, I still live by helping from my parents. I feel not happy, and I try to find way to improve my life fast.

And I cannot think of any way, besides feng shui, but I don't go to fortune teller or feng shui master - I don't want to spend money.

I search online to learn how to use feng shui to improve my fortune.

After reading many sources, I've got some understanding, and I apply it to my career/life.

I cannot give detail, just a summary only:

I was born in water element.

Career or business related to fire and metal is good for me - and being blogger is considered a correct job for me because I work with laptop, and laptop uses electricity, and electricity is fine element.

Novelist is not match with me because novelist is wood element job - wood absorbs water, means I gain nothing.

Blogging is related to writing - and writing is considered as wood element career too; however, I can do it because it is not exact type of wood element career like novelist. Unless I write non-fiction, I will be able to be developed.

Best direction for me is West.

When I do job, I need to face with West.

Best hour for me is when the sun is high. So, from 11am to 1pm is my fortune hour.

I am lucky to work alone. Working as group or team will waste everything of mine - time, strength, energy, money, even honor.

My career will grow if I ignore other business. Helping other is not bad, but it wastes my time and spirit much and at the end, people that I help will turn back to me. Hence, I am advised to be little bit selfish - I should pay attention to my job more than other's jobs.

Because I was born with water element, so I have to be carefree, I have to be happy, I have to ignore what other will think or say about me. Moreover, I am advised to not expect from work that I do. It means when I do something, I should not wish it to be successful. I should do it with bottom of my heart then let it be.

I will get what I want when I don't expect it to come.

It's what I have understood about my own feng shui.

It is my own experience. I just want to show, but I don't recommend you to believe or follow. 

Choose right path for yourself. You have your own fortune. Find it by yourself.

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