Friday, October 8, 2021

Meet old friend

photographed by Chakriya PHOU

These few days, I am not happy. I think about my life. I am in middle age of human already, but my life seems to have no growing. 

I am unemployed. I live under support from my family. In my bank account, there is only ten dollars. I feel I am useless.

One night, I got message on telegram. I check name and I know it is a person that I known during 2008-2009. We haven't contacted for many years. It is surprised to get message from him.

That guy was older than me about ten years. When I met him, he was jobless. I saw he was able to draw, hence, I called him to work for me. In that year, I had a group, and we created craft to sell. I employed him to pain on my product.

Because I was not skilled in management and leadership and I lacked experience both in life and business, my group was closed. Members left, and that guy got a job in a bread store.

I was glad he got a job. I thought he had better living. I never expected he return to hard life.

He tells me that he stopped working from the bread store. He tried to get employment; he worked whatever he was called. Last job, he went to Mondolkiri province to work as guesthouse security guard. He worked for three months, then the pandemic arrived, he had to move out.

Now, he is guarding a farm in Kompongthom province. One month, he is given a sack of rice and ten thousand riels (about 25 USD).

After hearing his story, I reflect my life.

Even though, I am luckier than him. I have house, I have family, I have food. I don't need to work hard. I have a shelter, I am protected.

That guy has to go far distance, struggle for food and shade. He has tried for many years to get a house of his own. Now, he is about fifty years old; still, he lives under roof of other.

After thinking, I feel motivate. I've got encouragement. My mind returns to be happy, and I gain energy.

I tell myself that there are many people living in difficulty. There are many people waiting for my help. Though I cannot rise them, but at least, help reduce their hardness.  Even a piece of help is better than nothing.

And yes, I keep go on. No give up.

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