Sunday, October 31, 2021

Mushroom gives me a comfort

First month of monetized blogspot site, I've got about USD 6.00. Then in second month, I've got USD 1.00. And this month, I am going to have about USD 2.00 only.

It is not result that I want.

Honestly, I am not happy.

I don't have strength and mood to write. I lose energy. Very very very down.

I don't want to think anything. I want to find a peaceful and quiet spot; I want to stay alone and no where is better than my balcony gardening.

I sit on floor and watch the green plants. 

In a row of sweetsop bottles, I spot one is about to fall down, so I take it up. In a meantime, I see things in lower soil, under the sweetsop plant.

What is that?

I take it close to my eyes. 


My gosh, there are mushrooms in my plastic bottle.

Look amazing.

How can they grow underneath?

The small living organisms are struggling against the soil and the bottle wall. Even the space is narrow and many things are above, still the soft guys work hard to grow.

At that time, these mushrooms seem saying to me, "Your site is underneath. There are a lot of websites. Hundreds, thousands, millions. They are covering you. But don't give up. Do as me. Even though I am below the soil and the plant, and I am sandwiched between bottle and soil, still I can grow up. I can make it even in the small and narrow space, and I believe you can make it too."

And because of their mute whisper, I feel hope comes back and I try to collect energy to continue writing - by searching for topic.

"Big thank, mushrooms. You give me strength to stand up and walk."

"You're welcome."

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