Sunday, October 10, 2021

My tiny insane technique to get site traffic

Do you think your facebook friend will click your link that you share on your post?

I don't think so.

Hence, I edit my brain to not rely on friends in facebook. Perhaps not friend is my client.

After thinking, I decide to act.

I create an image with address of my sites, then upload to cover photo of my facebook account.

With this, both my friends and not friends in facebook will see, and I bet at least one not-friend will check my site, and I will get one view.

Do you think it is easy to get one client to watch the site?

If your site is famous, you can get hundreds of clients. But if your site is not famous and just a starter, well, one view is very precious.

Me too.

If you want to know it works or not, do it.

It does not make you spend a dollar. Just update your facebook account cover photo. And it is easy.

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