Friday, October 22, 2021

The ant is my another life teacher

By chance, I see an ant in my balcony.

It is carrying a mosquito body in its mouth.

I follow eyes on it.

It is tiny, and the mosquito body is bigger. Though, it does not give up its food. 

I scan it.

It carries mosquito body about six decimeters to reach foot of the handrail. During that, it stops several times. I think it is taking a rest. 

The food is bigger, and I bet it is heavy too. However, little ant does not abandon and it does not call for help. It does by its own self. Sometimes it rises, sometimes it drags, until it arrives at the foot of handrail.

It does not stop there. It drags/carries the food up the wall of handrail until it reaches top of the handrail, then continues carry its bread, I think, to its home.

Well, this little hero gives me an instruction related to living.

If I want to reach my goal, I have to work hard and don't give up easily though the way is difficult. Furthermore, be flexible - like the ant, sometimes carries sometimes drags.

However, don't forget take rest. During working, the ant stops several times. Hence, it's okay to be not okay, and it's okay to be tired and take a pause. Just don't give up and don't forget to go on when the energy is full.

Thank you, ant.

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