Saturday, October 16, 2021

What I get from Café Amazon study

Before you read, please be aware.

I am not expert in marketing or marketing analysis. Also, what the content in my article is not from expert in market or research; it is from citizen, and they told what they had noticed only.

I just post to give idea and information, what I have learnt from this kind of study, to encourage especially blogger that is a starter or not yet successful.

Well, let start.

Café Amazon is growing well in Cambodia. This brand is original from Thailand. Actually, it arrived in Cambodia more than 10 years, but it just became popular about these few years only.

What is reason to make them gain Cambodian mind?

There are people saying differently related to this point, but I am interested in two expressions.

They are successful because arrival of the famous brands

When Café Amazon came to Cambodia for first time, it was not welcomed. No customer, or we can say there are very few buyers. Even they tried to do promotion, buy and free, still number of clients did not grow.

Later on, big brands arrived. In general, when the big and famous brand come, the small brand will be sank, but in contrast, Café Amazon becomes well-known, especially among Khmer young people.


Well, commonly, the big brand is not cheap. Coffee brands that come to Cambodia is not excepted; they sell drink in high price. Only high salary people can support. Hence, Cambodian turns to see medium brand, with medium price. And yes, it is the Café Amazon.

They are cooperated with specific partner

One notice about the Café Amazon is they are everywhere PTT are located.

PTT is a petrol brand. Cambodian people recognizes this station because it has clean restroom. When traveler got in the station, they see Café Amazon. Day by day, customers know about these two names, PTT - Café Amazon. Then they are famous together.

What I learn from this study

I ever mentioned that I write story on fiction platforms.

At first, no one read my writing.

After few months, readers come, and they keep coming more and more. They just read only. They don't give Like or Comment my stories.

I ever doubted, why they read my story, but never give me like or comment. Now, I've got answer.

It is similar to the Café Amazon.

There are many good stories on the platforms; however, those stories are long and are not free - the readers need to pay if they want to read until finish. Some story is needed to pay about hundred dollar in order to reach ending. That is reason the readers get bored. They spend much more than buying a book. And then they come to find non-paid stories, and my fictions got luck.

Sure. My story is not good but is not bad as well. It is in medium quality, plus I give readers to read free of charge, that is the point.

This is what I sense from first factor of the Café Amazon study.

About second factor, I am applying.

Being with specific cooperation partner is good.

I have written about websites and platforms that I am using to gain my site traffic. Before I tried to find various of sites to present myself to the online readers. After I hear about the Café Amazon and PTT, I decide to use its strategy. I don't expand anymore. I keep what I am using now:

- Facebook

- Wordpress

- Tumblr

- Linkedin

- Twitter

- Pocket

- Instapaper

- MeWe

- Youtube

- Dailymotion

- SoundCloud

- Flickr

- Wattpad

- Webnovel

- Asianfanfics

- Inkitt

- Dreame

- Penana

- Sweek

- Messagink

- Commaful

- Royal Road

I will not create new anymore. It is many enough. Successful key is not having various of accounts; it is how active you are.

Well, what I want to tell blogger that is not successful yet is please don't be hopeless. Now, you are not famous, and there are many big brand websites coming, still you can succeed. What you wait for is the right time to arrive. Hence, keep posting and keep sharing. Also, improve your content. Be creative. One day, your site will be recognized, and thousands of people will jump their fingers to type your site address. That day will surely come to you. Don't give up.

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