Friday, October 15, 2021

What I learn from a story of Sin Sisamuth

House in photo is house of Sin Sisamuth's family, located in Steung Streng province.

Base on what I heard it is house of the singer's family since in Sangkumreasniyum.

Sin Sisamuth is famous Khmer singer in 60 decades. He died in Pol Pot regime. His wife and his kids are alive - and they are staying in the house in the photo.

I have heard a story that Sin Sisamuth had a room where he used to compose song/music. That room was not allowed his kids to enter. Why? Because he did not want his children to be singer.

I had a question why he did not want his children to work in singing industry. Then one of my family member told that when Sin Sisamuth was famous, his career was based in Phnom Penh and his family lived in Steung Treng. He came to stay in Phnom Penh alone. He worked everyday to earn money to build a house in city, hoped to move his family to live together. He sang, he composed, he saved. When he got the house, Pol Pot regime arrived. He had no chance to live in new house even a minute. Also his plan to enjoy living together with family was vanished.

My family member added that in the past, working in entertainment industry was not like nowadays. Singer or actor could not earn much. Sin Sisamuth was an example. He was very famous singer, but his earning could not buy a small house. Because he experienced hardness and pain working as singer, that's why he did not want his descendant to become singer like him.

After I heard the story, I edit my principle and life plan.

I ever wanted to earn money to buy a land, then I built house in middle and planted fruit tree, vegetable and flower around my house.

When I learnt about story of the singer, I am fear that I will meet such ending. I don't want, I am fear.

I tell myself that I will save money to fulfill my dream; however, I don't expect it to be successful and I cannot be hopeful strongly. What I mean is I cannot see the future. I must live and focus on present much more. I maintain my health, I enjoy time with people who love me and people I love. Everyday and every minute of my present time is with present people. With smile and satisfaction.

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