When I am feeling down, I remind history of JP automobile

People usually laugh when they see my site domain. 

Even so, I love this name. I choose this name because I want to make myself remember that I have to live a happy life. However, it does not mean I don't have sad days. In a day, in a week, in a month, in a year, I have both sad and happy times.

When I am sad, I usually remember a story that my Japanese friend told. It is about the history of a Japanese automobile.

At that time, German cars of Germany were well-known. JP has just started.

Invested companies were down and some bankrupted.

One day, a JP car company had a meeting. Owner of the company and senior staff were invited to share opinions to make the company grow.

Then a senior staff member advised that JP was famous in producing machines, so JP should cooperate with German car companies by providing machine making service to them.

After hearing that, the head of the meeting asked, "How many years does a German car take to get success like today?"

The senior staff said, "About 100 years."

Then the head of the meeting stated, "If we agree to make a car machine for a German car company, then we will be successful with a car machine, not a car. Germany has used 100 years to make their car well-known and we are only 10 years old. Hence, I agree to challenge more than 90 years to make JP cars to be recognized by the world."

And because of this commitment, Japan's car, at last, succeeded into the European and world automobile market until today.


This story I remember in my mind. It has a good teaching point. When I feel down when my site does not get views, I am reminded about this story, then I gain my mood and strength back, and continue working hard.

I tell this story to you, my readers. You can follow my tactic. When you are feeling hopeless or your life is going down, please tell yourself this story.


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