Friday, November 26, 2021

3 Simple ways to find strongness and weakness to improve yourself

If you think of creating potential for your living, then you have to find your strong and weak point.

What is benefit?

When you know clearly about yourself, what you're good at, what you're bad at, what you should improve, what you should change etc. then you will be able to improve your living life, to reduce risk/problem to happen in your life that causes by human and nature.

You might think you know yourself. In this case, I cannot say you're right or wrong. However, whether you know or don't know about yourself, you can use following points to make sure and to make your living better - if you have met a lot of failures or your life does not grow up. And it does not make you spend dollars.

1. Find a psychic

It is considered a fun, as well, when you go to someone who can analyze your characteristic through mysterious cards. But I don't think you need to go to person. Nowadays, everything is online; so, use it.

Search for any site that can give you free of charge telling about your personality and characteristics - and I think it is best if you take birthday fortune.

Birthday is best thing to find your birth and natural characteristic, and it is at least correct about 60 percents.

After you get the telling, read it and take the content to consider carefully. Even the strong points and weak points and their advise, you need to take it and think.

You can compare the content and the advice with what you have been through. It is good source to indicate that you are on right way or you should change or not - and what things you should change.

2. Ask friends to give comment

If you want to be sure, more, especially related to your attitude, characteristic, then you can go to your friends. Not one, and don't go to two or four or six. It should be three or five. Make sure before you go that those friends can be trusted - mean they are people that can give you true words.

It is not easy to listen to someone criticize, but you have to endure if you want to improve yourself. Furthermore, listen only; don't give reason to each their comment. Listen until they finish, then take their comments to think.

Don't be angry or wish to revenge if your friends criticize you harshly or if you hear them say you are not good and next friend say you good. People might see about you differently. Therefore, try to be humble, kind, patient and wide mind. If you can listen to the harsh words with peaceful mind, then you can beat other hard work or problem in the future.

All critiques from your friends have to be taken and think carefully, and yes, don't forget analyze with the telling from physic. In addition, remind what you have done or gone through, then you can find out more data about yourself - strong and weak, good and bad.

3. Ask your family

Don't be shy or fear to ask more from your family members. Whether elder people or young people, you should ask them to talk honestly what they see about you.

Same as above.. try to listen carefully, patiently, and do not need to find excuse to correct yourself or to make them understand about you. If you listen and find out that any speech or action that they might misunderstand your intention when you had done to them, it means there will be any barrier that causes such matter to happen; therefore, try to find it and fix it.

Still like I already mentioned. Don't be angry, don't wish for revenge. And you have to put the comments together, from birthday predict, friends, and family, and consider. One more thing, use your present situation and what you have gone through to be indicator if you are on right path of life, use correct method in your living, etc.


Just these three ways, if you are successful person from the start, then this will give you light to more success. If you are usually failed, then you will be opened a door to be a better life - or if you are in trouble, it might be able to guide you to leave from the problem.

However, you have to edit the method following your own situation.

Don't be afraid to change.

Life is to learn. So, learn everything even pain and wrong choice.

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