Saturday, November 27, 2021

4 activities to help you pass non-sleep night happily

I have been having trouble in sleeping. If the clock does not strike 3 or 4 in the morning, my eyes will not shut.

At first, I felt not well; I was angry; and in the morning, I was tired, and I had no good mood.

But after I change my point of view towards this kind of problem, I'm able to live with this new habit, with smile.

How can I survive within this new routine?

It is not easy, but it is not hard as well if you say that you can do it.

At opening, I look from another angle. I think that being not sleep at night is good because:

I am able to do exercise

I have to say in honest that I am lazy to do workout. So, I take this chance to do exercise. 

However, I don't do heavy workout. I just perform leg-up-to-the-wall pose. 

I choose this kind of exercise because it helps my waists, bone; moreover, it is late night, I don't want to cause any disturbing to other.

I do for fifteen minutes only.

I am able to recite Dharma

I am Buddhist.

Before, I was serious sick, then I was told to recite Dharma. After I practiced it, my illness was better and better.

When I was quite good, I went to work, and I did not have time to pray to the Buddha.

Hence, I take the night, when I don't sleep, to recite praying to the illustrated one.

Usually, I spend almost one hour.

I am able to do meditation

While I was healing disease with Buddhism way, I performed meditation too. 

Then I rarely did it because I was busy in job.

When I quit career and become self-employed, and when I have sleeping trouble, I have chance to practice it again.

This activity is good for the people that has to go to work in the morning too. You know, it will help you to maintain energy and mood. Even though you don't sleep at night, or you sleep only one or two hours, still in the morning, you will be well like you have four to six hours sleeping.

No need to practice like professional. Be simple.

You can choose between sit and sleep.

If you choose to sit, just sit cross leg, put right leg on left leg. Then set left hand on the leg and put right hand on your left hand. After, you close your eyes, and breathe in and out. Focus on your breath.. it is long, it is short. Perform this as long as you can.

If you choose to sleep, just sleep straight, and put your left palm on your stomach, then put your right palm on left hand. After that, close your eyes, then perform breath like mentioned above.

Sometimes, when I do meditation, I fall asleep.

I am able to listen to music

When I work, I ever listen to music. But I don't have time to concentrate on the meaning of the music/song.

Different from when I listen to it at night, I am able to enjoy with singer. I am able to get meaning of the song, aim of the song composer, rhythm of the music etc.

I find it is so romantic to listen to the song at night. Use low volume. Um, very relax.


Just these few things, I can pass the long night happily.

Try any of above activities. Or try all.

I bet you will find non-sleep night is not a problem anymore.

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