Sunday, November 14, 2021

4 childish activities help your mind to concentrate

Allow me to tell you the four activities of child, in Cambodia, that can make your mind relax and help your mind to be focused.

These kind of acts I played when I was in high school.

Until today, sometimes, I play it also.

It's a kind of fun, safe, and secure. Moreover, it can be played alone, at home.

1. Cross and circle

In Cambodia, we call it 'croix'.

It is a happy venture that I and my classmates liked to play during break time. Even at home, I played with my sibling.

Now, I play it, but I play alone.

It is very interesting when you combat with yourself. It's very very impressive. Amazing feeling you will got when you select this kind of activity. It makes your mind, eyes, and brain work at same time, and the way to end to find winner is very long.

I bet you will like it and it does not need special material. Just a paper - it is best if you use book paper that has lines - and a pen. After, start your battle. 

2. Throw ball

Well, this kind of thing looks like for teenager or adult.

This one can be found in sport center. Buy it, then you can play inside or outside your bedroom.

I am right-hand, but mostly, I use left hand when I play this. I choose to do like this because I want to make balance between my two arms/hands. And when I sport with my left hand, I feel new and it makes me excited and fun.

3. Tres

I don't know what to call in English. In Cambodia, we call it 'tres'.

It's a venture for girl.

This one is not easy like you see.

To play this activity, you have to find ten chopsticks (or you can use drinking straw instead) and a lemon. 

You hold chopsticks in your fist, then throw them on the floor, but gently. After, you throw lemon up - during that, you take a chopstick then catch up the lemon in same hand that you get the chopstick. Repeat until you take all ten chopsticks. After, you level up by throw the lemon, and take two chopsticks. And you have to advance until level ten.

There is an extra level, make chopsticks as pig cage, then take chopstick one by one, without ruin the cage.

I know it is very hard to understand; I will make video and show you next time. Then you can try yourself.

And if you want to get special feeling, use left hand. If you are left-hand, then use right hand. I guarantee that you will have an amazing time.

4. Octopus

In Cambodia, we call this 'octopus'.

It's also a fun project for girl.

This activity cannot be played in your room. It should be in yard. Yes, not first floor.. only ground floor because you have to jump and if you play it upstairs, then you will cause, DANG, DANG, DANG.

Just draw like in picture on the ground. Then find yourself an object; it can be a stone, flat and small.

Two boxes that stay underneath are called 'stairs' - first stair, second stair. Next, we call 'below-wings'; there are right below-wing and left below-wing. Then it is called 'neck'. After, it is another wing, 'above-wings,' and there are right above-wing and left above-wing. The round upper one is called 'roof'. 

Rule to remember:

  • Stair and neck is to jump one leg.
  • Wing is to jump two legs.
  • Roof cannot be jumped in.
You have to throw object to any box to start the game.

For example : you throw stone to first stair, then you have to jump to second stair, but standing on one leg, then you jump to below wings by separating your feet to stand in wing's boxes. Next, you jump to stand one leg in neck box, then jump with separating feet again. After, rotate your body, and repeat the jumps in reverse. When you reach second stair, you pick up the stone from first stair with your one standing leg, then jump.

Throw stone again. If you target below left wing, then you jump to stand in each stair with one leg, and jump to stand in right wing with one leg too - because left wing has stone, you cannot step in it. 

When you come back and stand in right wing, pick up the stone and move on until you finish the stairs.

In case you throw stone to roof, don't throw it out the border line. To get stone in roof, you have to rotate your face to leave the roof behind your back, then sit down and enlarge hand to behind to search for the stone.

If you want to entertain big, you can draw cross line in any box, but not the roof - and that box cannot be stepped in.


You might feel a shame to play these undertakings, especially, tres and octopus. You think you cannot do because you are not a kid, and people might laugh at you if they see. 

But I want to tell you, these activities are very good, not only for your mind but also for your body. It makes you move; it is like sport. It is so great. It gives you fun and make you do exercise at same time. 

Don't be shy to do it

Like I tell, it is very good for you, both metal and physical.

Try any of these above ventures, then you will find wonderful moment in your day.

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