Monday, November 22, 2021

4 Steps to do simple eyes makeup

All of us were born pretty, but we are not perfect. However, we can fix it - by using makeup.

Because I have sensitive skin, I cannot makeup like other women. I rarely makeup; though, I love makeup, and I usually edit my face what I prefer to.

There are four steps to makeup my eyes.

Step 1

After I put powder on my face, for eye, I apply this color.

It is flesh color. Not dark and not bright. 

I love this one.

Just apply it around the eye.

Step 2

For me, perfect eye liner is the line that matches with my eye shape - right to my preference. I don't draw eye liner following expert or makeup skilled person, I draw what I like to draw, what makes me feel good with the shape and length; this gives me confidence.

So, to draw eye liner, I mess ink on my eye. This technique I've got after my liner pen's tip is ruined. Even though it cannot use like before, still I can make a good eye liner.

Step 3

After, I edit the line by using cotton stick to soak (little) in baby shampoo, then clean ink.

Baby shampoo can remove the ink well, and it does not harm my skin - but I have to be careful because it can make my eye burn if it touches inside my eye.

Step 4

Next, I apply dark color. It is not black, but very dark brown, and I like it because it gives my eye classy and good.


Later on, I can wear my glasses, and yes, it is my best simple makeup.

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