Saturday, November 20, 2021

7 Ideal words from Warren Buffett

There are many world billionaires, but I am so interested in Warren Buffett - because he usually teaches wonderful words.

I fall in love with his teaching related to how to be successful, and now I am so attracted to how to be a really successful person.

He says a lot, but I select only few, those that are right to my mind.

I love him when I see he says:

1. Work job that you love

2. Work with people that you love to work with

3. Say 'no' to any request or opportunity that does not give value to you

4. Build friendship, not build network

5. When you cannot manage your mental, how can you manage your business - he advises to give enough time to family.

6. If you work for money, then you don't get money - he is telling to not giving big important to money.

7. Success is related to 'Time'.


I want to say you are awesome, Mr. Warren Buffett.

Thanks for giving wise words.

It is not about how to be successful in career, but also in (life) living. Hence, it is not successful, it is really successful.

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