Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Cambodian telegram users are meeting scammers

Telegram is becoming popular among Cambodian users in 2021.

During these few month, there are news related to scammer on telegram.

Through sharing posts on facebook, names of some people, specially famous person, are used in ill purpose of unknown.

According to victims, their names and photos are taken from their social media and used to create an account on Telegram, then send message to other users to borrow money, to ask to join their program, to click link etc.

The owners of names are reported by friends or people who know them. Because they are friend, so they have each other's phone number. When they find same name, same photo, but different phone number, they call to make sure, and the owner of name is shock to hear.

This kind of matter is still happened, and now, people in Cambodia become aware of problem, and they begin to take caution. Some stop using telegram. Some block phone number. Some hide photos in social media account etc. If they still use system, they will not respond or click any link that is sent by new account. 

The trouble is not big yet. But it is a worried issue.


Technology is good, but human instead uses in evil way - to cheat, to take benefit for their own pocket.

Though, whether online or offline, please be careful. Don't share your personal information. If you receive message with suspicious content, even from someone you know, you should confirm first by calling to personal or home phone. Furthermore, please don't make your image of your social media public. Give permission to your friend or specific friend. With this, you can protect from scammer who would like to defile your name. 

Take care, everyone.

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