Saturday, November 27, 2021

How I draw my eyebrow naturally

Everyone want to be pretty. Me too.

When I go out, people say my eyebrow is not good. Well, I think I should fix it.

But I don’t have money to go to salon, and I am not skilled in makeup. What should I do?

Nothing I can't do, if I say I can.

Even though my eyebrow is not perfect, but I can make it best.

Use my not professional skill.. to create beautiful eyebrow for myself.

First, I comb it to make it stay properly.

Then I use makeup brush with black shade powder of eye makeup to pat my eyebrow gently until I am pleased with it.


Okay, well done.

Thanks to myself.

You too. You can create eyebrow, the very best one for you by yourself.

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