How to screenshot on laptop

A low tech like me.. well.. to learn one thing related to technological devices, I spend one or two years.

Though, I never give up.

I learn and learn and I keep learning...

Like this article of mine shows about how to screenshot on a laptop. Young and IT people will find it boring and it is not new, but for people that do not know about technology, like me, it is very good.

To do a screenshot image on the laptop, there are two ways.

1. Use keyboard if your laptop is new model

This technique, my colleague told me.

It is easy.

Press Window Key and hold it.

Then press prt sc sysrq. In one second, it will give a flash that you can notice on the laptop screen.

Screenshot images mostly go to Pictures folder.

2. Use PDF print if your laptop is old model

I have tried; some laptops are not available with the above technique. I have searched then I found the way.

First, open any site you want to take a photo.

Then go to the above right side and click on Open Application Menu.

After, search for the word Print.

It will show a box. Choose Adobe PDF. Later on, you can select or edit setting to get your desired image, such as portrait or landscape, color or non color background etc.

When you finish, click Print at bottom, then it shows Folders in your laptop that you can choose to store it and also name of image.

Well, you have to note that this technique can only work for taking images of an online browser.


Thanks for reading. I hope this will help the low tech person who wants to screenshot both new and old model laptop.


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