Tuesday, December 14, 2021

3 Reasons I subscribe Emily Wallace

Recently, I found a youtube channel 'Emily Wallace'.

I have watched her videos for many days before I decide to click subscribe.

Why I subscribe her?

Because :

1. I like her makeup

I really like the way she makeup herself. In my opinion, she is pretty.

Well, I like pretty woman, and she is the one among pretty women I have met.

2. She talks about reading book

I rarely find video channel that talks about reading book. She is the first one. She is not author, I think, but she is reader.

I followed her video because I saw her wrap up about books that she has read per month. It is so interesting; I fall in love with her videos - because I am read lover as well.

In the video, she talks about the book, what it is about, name of author, what book's concept is etc. It shows that she reads the book for real.

3. She never gives up

I praise her strong heart.

She's got about 150 subscribers only, but she is still go on. She always smiles in all her videos and I feel that her smile is not fake or a performance; she smiles from bottom of her heart; I feel that she is happy to meet with her audience, even though they are small.

Well, there many strong women; Emily Wallace is among them.

And I hope that she will carry on her wrap up. 

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