Thursday, December 23, 2021

3 things you should save before you age 30

I did not know when I was before 30 years old. Now, it seems late for me.

Hence, I decide to post about three things that young people should save when they are having chance.

What should younger save?

1. Knowledge and experience

When you are still young, please study hard to build your capacity. Develop yourself to higher education. Improve your skill. Update your competence day by day.

Moreover, learn from everything you encounter, whether you meet or hear. Don't forget note what you're going through both bad and good time. Also, study about people - around you; it is important; you might need in the future.

Spare your time to read book as many as possible. It plays big role in your success in the future.

2. Money

I don't make a joke. Try to save money when you are young. No need to save everyday. No need to ask money from parents and put in saving pig. You can save by spending less and not spend on unnecessary thing. It is best habit.

In the future, when you are growing up, you will see how this habit helps and makes you happy.

3. Network

This word is referred to friend, colleague or/and people you contact with.

When you have many friends, you might have big chance to be success if you start own career or business in the future.

For example, you have social media and you have many friends/followers. Then you decide to stop working and build blogger site. When you share your site, your friends will come to read.

I don't mean it works all the times, but at least, if you have network, your career can go faster than you don't have one.

However, you have to know how to make friend.

Some people are not your friend. They like you to help them, but they don't have intention to help you. Therefore, you have to advance your knowledge - learning about people carefully. Are your friends good? Are your friends able to be trusted? Are your friends qualified enough to be your friend?

During my living till I age over 30, I have only number one; hence, when I began my site, I don't meet success. Not only blog site, but also other career. I go along the road alone and slow.

This is my lack.

I share about my experience in hope the readers, especially young people that reach my site, to not having difficulty like I in elder age.

Believe me. Don't miss your time. It cannot be returned, dear.

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