Friday, December 31, 2021

4 fiction platforms to increase site traffic

If fiction platform is useful tool for you, then I'd like to recommend other four platforms for you.


It is like Wattpad or other fiction platform.

If talking about its difference, it should be about its picture cover - most of platforms is portait, but for Penana is landscape.


Your story can be posted along photo. The site provides you photo that you can choose for your fiction free of charge.

This site is creative, modern and fantastic.


Another new creative platform.

It is good for short fiction.

It is amazing that you can express story in dialog form.

Royal Road

This platform is good too.

Its layout is like other novel web platforms. But it is very secured. The story is needed to be reviewed by their team before it is allowed to publish. It takes more than one day to reveal the fiction to audience.


Well, you can check first before you make decision to use these above platforms. I cannot guarantee that it helps increasing your site traffic one hundred percent; however, it is useful.

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