Wednesday, December 29, 2021

8 fiction platforms to increase site traffic

If you can write fiction, then you should use the fiction sites/platforms to promote and increase your website traffic.

However, it does not usually succeed because the readers that come to those sites are fiction lover, not website reader.

Well, though, you can try this strategy.







Archive of our own





These are fiction sites that you can use to increase your site traffic.

I want to inform you before you decide to use fiction platform to grow your site view:

  • First, it does not always succeed – like I mentioned above. You cannot rely on it. You can use them to save number of views, but don’t hope to gain view traffic.
  • Second, you have to update the story. You cannot leave it sleep. If your account does not get any view, your site does not have chance to get view as well.
  • Third, when you use this way, you have to prepare your mind – your story will be stolen.

You have to consider before you choose to follow my idea.

There is no free dinner in doing business.

It is a kind of hard job. You write something to give away in order to gain the site traffic. And it does not guarantee that you will succeed. Hence, please well thinking.

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