Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Do you believe in foresight?


One day has twenty four hours; I can stay silent three hours only, then I will go to search for any person that can have chit-chat with me whether face to face or through phone.

One day, I and my conversation partner talk about our own visions and other's visions. I find it is interesting topic; therefore, I decide to write about it.

Aim of this article is for you to read for fun only.

Let's start with I, myself.

I believe when I travel to anywhere and I meet funeral, my purse will run out of money on that day.

It usually happens.

Not only meeting funeral directly but also hearing about funeral or any object that is related to this kind of event.

In Cambodia, when a person dies, there will be three events. First, it is called 'funeral'. Second, it is called, 'seven days funeral'; it is launched when the person is dead for seven days. Third is 'one hundred days funeral' which is set up after the person dies for one hundred days. Some makes seven days and one hundred days funeral together; it depends.

There is another one event, but it is launched three years later. And that is the last ceremony that relatives do for the dead person.

Among these, funeral and seven days funeral influence my luck strongly, other are less. If I meet the two funerals, even though I try hard to manage my finance, still the money flies away from my purse. I cannot remain even a cent. If I don't have in purse but have in bank account, surely it will be gone as well.

So, I am scared to see or hear about this. Though, I cannot avoid; and I meet it by chance, usually.

If talking about my conversation partner, she seems to have less relation with this kind of thing. She tells me that she is visioned with eye shaking. She says that if her right eye shakes, it means she will argue with someone, and mostly with her family members - sometimes with her husband, sometimes with her parents, sometimes with her siblings. In contrast, if left eye shakes, it means she got money. If it shakes strongly, she's got much; if it shakes lightly, she gets small amount.

For me, eye shaking that happens to me means I don't have enough sleep.

My conversation partner says one of her relatives believes if her right eye is trembling, it means her husband lies her.

Another her relative believes when she sees a person (not normal person) on street not wearing cloth or any person wearing sexy cloth, her store will not have any customer on that day.

Another distance relative of her is believed to get money if she dreams about fish. But when she dreams about high ranking person (in public sector), she will close her business for one day - because there will be no client.

It is different from me. I usually dream about high ranking person when I am sick. When I dream about them, I will be better and will get well soon if my illness is not serious.

I remember one of my relative telling about her friend. She says she went to have lunch with her friend in a food store. Then there was a beggar coming to ask for money, her friend gave. When the beggar was gone, she took cash, one hundred or five hundred riels, then tears it and throws to dustbin. She said if she did not do like this, her money would be spent without reason until her purse empty.

Another weird and surprised vision I hear from my conversation partner is her grandmother's. Elder lady believes when she feels sleepy at four or five in the evening, accidentally, it means someone will die; however, she cannot sense who is going to die. She has noticed for many years, it is always happened. She ever tries to fight with the sleeping, but she never wins. Mostly, she falls asleep, and soon, she hears dead news about people she's familiar with - sometimes her neighbor, sometimes her relative.

These are stories that I have known related to foresight of Cambodian.

Vision or foresight is a kind of mystery and cannot be explained by science. It's a type of prediction what will happen in near future in person's life. Each person has their own vision.

I cannot say it is true or false or it is right or wrong to believe in such kind of believe. It depends on individual's point of view.

However, I hope people don't judge or criticize person whom has this believe. Like I mentioned, it depends on people. It's their own experience; it is very hard to say unless you are in their shoes.

That's all for my article.

Thanks for reading.

See you next. 


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