Saturday, December 11, 2021

How I create music for my video

I have video channel. I like my video to be with music, and mostly I use music in youtube library. Even though it is free, but I feel not satisfied.

Music library is available for youtube creators, it means anyone can have same music like I. 

I don't want; I want my video to have unique music. But I don't know how to compose a music, and I don't have money to hire someone to compose for me.

However, I never give up.

I don't know how to compose, I don't have money to hire composer, but I can still make my own music for my video.

True, it is not good like music in library and it is funny - not like professional music. But I love mine. I love the way stupid and funny it is.

How do I create such stupid and funny music?


I use piano, toy of niece, to create music following my feeling.

I ever mentioned I want unique, right? Now, I get the unique like my wish.

Do you hear?

Stupid, correct? Funny, right?

Yes, it is the unique of mine.

And there is one more special thing - only one time, cannot play or compose twice.

People might laugh at me, but I have reason and principle to do like this.

First, I don't have money to spend. Income from youtube and website is very less. I don't want to spend on unnecessary thing or  anything that I am not sure I can get benefit from it back.

Second, I like to do everything from zero. I like so much. It is who I am. Many people say I am stupid; I accept - I am stupid, I am not smart, and I am very slow; though, I love myself for being such foolish. I'm very glad, and it is my paradise when I step on stair from first step, then I go up step by step. I don't run, I walk and I enjoy along the way. I don't know why; I just realize that I love to live in such living.

There are many stupid things that I have created.

Like I said, I love my stupid and I am happy to be a stupid.

(Give a thumb to myself)

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