Thursday, December 16, 2021

How I make my youtube channel got 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hour views in a year

In this article, I want to talk about my own experience to make my youtube channel get monetization in one year.

I began my journey in 2017 and I succeeded in early of 2019.

I don't want to talk about how much I've got, I just want to show how I make it in just a year.

Here is the history...

First failure

My channel is Chakriya PHOU, my own name.

When I launched, I put travel and short story video. All my videos were in Khmer language.

I didn't get any view. 

At that time, I did not know about SEO or niche or anything. I just put whatever I want to put.

Then my friend told me what she had learnt from youtube creator. She told me about theme of the channel and so on. After I heard, I thought. I wanted to make story channel because I am skilled in writing, but it seemed fail.

One day, my friend said he had problem in writing report, and he could not find appropriate source how to make report.

When I heard, I thought of making video showing how to write report. My friend worked in private sector, but I was a staff in public sector. I thought my video would not succeed, but I did not want to think much; I wanted to try, so I made two videos - one talked about how to write report and one talked about how to write a minute. I used my own experience in writing report and minute, and some help from my relative who worked in public sector from many years in this field. 

It was a boom.

Just two videos, I gained many subscribers and views.

It was time that I found out about effectiveness and powerful of original content. 

And it was a start of my journey.

Find own niche

I began upload more videos. Because I worked in administrative office, I decided to talk about my daily administrative job.

I gained interest from viewers. Most of them commented that they wanted to learn more about administration's career specially in public sector; therefore, I caught 'Administrative Job' as my channel's niche.

Video style

My video was like presentation slide show - it is best thing I can do.

Mostly, I created videos shorter than 15 minutes. I did not want my audience to be bored. And most of videos were between 3 to 7 minutes.

There were some longer videos, but it depended on topic.

Use simple and not famous software

I am low tech, I don't know any professional program.

I used Microsoft PowerPoint and Window Movie Maker - until today.

I made presentation slides, then saved to images. After, I put into Window Movie Maker.

I wrote script, then I read and recorded into phone. Later, I shared recorded voice to my laptop and put in Window Movie Maker. 

Window Movie Maker - even though it is not professional video editor program, but it is very useful and good enough for me as a low tech person. I can make my videos suitable for my audiences - including image and sound.

How to get traffic and subscribers

Youtube has changed policy for channel to be eligible for monetization unless it's got 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hour views.

It was not easy because I had less both subscribers and views.

I ever asked help from my friends and colleagues to help subscribe and view my videos, but no one helped me - and plus, they laughed at me. I was so angry, you know? I was very in vex at that time. How could they do that to me? When they came to me, I helped them without complain, without ask; when I needed help, they turned their back.

"I don't need anyone. I can do it alone," I told myself.

Then I started to find way.

I shared my video on facebook page and spent one US dollar to promote my video. I promoted only few videos, and as I remember, I spent about five dollar.

After that, my channel got subscribers day by day.

I continued upload videos. I could not stop. In a month, I posted about five videos.

Well, I want to say honestly that using money is not always effective.

After I stopped spending to promote, my channel dropped views and subscribers did not grow as well. Even though I uploaded many videos, still it did not give me help.

I did not know why; however, I did not want to spend money to promote anymore. Once again, I used my own strength and brain.

At my office, I was given a desktop. I used it to watch my own channel. I did job as usually; I just opened my channel and mute the voice. 

Eight hours a day, five days a week, I viewed my own channel through server in office. Still I added more videos - with my own laptop and home internet connection.

Until the day youtube sent message to me that my channel was able to monetize, then I stopped view and left my channel to natural and original watching from my audiences.

Till now, my channel is still active and monetized - even though youtube stops show advertising in Cambodia, still I get money, just smaller than before.

This is my journey story.

I share this to encourage everyone to keep going though your road is not smooth. I can feel you are facing difficulty. I've experienced this, I understand your feeling. Many times I wanted to give up, but because I didn't want to lose especially to my bad friends and colleagues, that's why I worked hard to reach my goal. In my own opinion best revenge on those people is to live happily and make thing, that they say I cannot do, succeed.

Of course, I don't get hundred dollars salary like they do, but I am boss of my career; I can sleep whenever I want; I can get up whenever I want; if I don't want to do, I can pause and relax; I have time to work out etc. As for them, even sleeping and get up time, they cannot have freedom to choose, and some of them are viewing my video - to learn from me too.

It is life, my dear readers. 

I can make it, I believe you can make it as well. 

If you are losing, just take a break, close your eyes and breathe. Make your mind in peace, then you will find light comes to you step by step.

Trust yourself.

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