Friday, December 10, 2021

I like makeup my eyes simple


Even though I am myopic, still I find way to makeup my eyes.

I'm not professional. Makeup is just a pleasant activity.

I like simple makeup.

Like in this video, I start with this gel. Its function is similar to glue, when I put color, it will stick with skin easily.

After, I put flesh color to my whole eyes.

Next, I draw eye liner. I use method that I ever posted. 

Read :

Later, I apply very dark brown. If in Cambodia, we call it dark coffee color. Make it cover the eyes.

For below eyes, I don't use same color. I use purple color. It is not easy to notice. I really like this color.

After I finish makeup eyes, I move to decor my eyebrow. Same technique like previous one.

Read :

I feel that my right eye makeup is not good. Eye color and eyebrow color seem close. I repair by using gel liner, it is white. I draw a line between eyebrow and eye's color, then I use its cushion to adjust the gel before I apply flesh color.


Okay, I am good and I like this style.

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