Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Summary of fifteen years in social

It is about fifteen years already. I have changed several careers.

I had worked in relative's internet shop.

I was a receptionist in a school. Then I was transferred to be office staff.

I was part time translator for magazine.

I was a volunteer in public sector.

I was a volunteer in literary association.

I was a writer.

I was an interpreter.

I was an editor.

I was data collector for NGO.

I was copywriter.

I was part time reporter.

I sold cloth.

I sold book.

I sold food.

I was contractual staff of government.

I was a book publisher.

I was translator in private company.

And currently, I am a blogger/vlogger.

I experienced part time, freelance, and full time jobs.

My life goes up and down like wave in the sea. Money comes and goes. Even friends, they come and go as well; no one stay beside me.

What I remain after fifteen years is knowledge and experience both in job and life.

I have met less good people, in opposite, a lot of cheaters I encountered; I waste my time, my money, my strength, even my honor.

When I was falling in the mud, people around laughed at me, mocked me, and some put blame on me.

At first, I was so angry, but then I took considering. I met all such things because it was my fault. If I was not soft heart, if I thought carefully, if I did not believe people blindly, if I was cautious and did not take advise from those people without thinking, my life would be better than today. It is really my own mistake. It is my own stupid. 

Hence, I learn from the past. I don't step on old footprint anymore. 

I am trying hard to strengthen myself even my brain, my conscious, my ear, my mouth and my mind. 

I shut my mouth, I talk less, I don't say about my project- what I am running or what I am planing to do. 

I listen to everyone, but I take all to my brain to analyze and make evaluation. 

I don't trust anyone easily; person I trust the most is myself. I trust my brain more than my heart; if my brain says NO, I will not. 

I always tell myself, 'be cautious' to everyone that come to near me. 

I don't bother myself to help or put hand in someone's matter, even they ask, I need to consider carefully - because in my fifteen years experience, people think about me when they have problem; when they are fine, they don't know me.

There are many things about myself that I have changed, specially point of view and characteristic. People I know say I am not good like before. Correct, I cannot be stupid like before. However, I change to protect myself only, I am not changed to harm anyone.

Now, Though I don't have many friends like in the past, but I am happy with my current loneliness. I am safe, and most of times, I am safe and sound.

There are many people that live harder and worse, than me. However, they can still live a happy life. If they can do it, I can do it, you can do it too. Don't give up if you are in pain. Smile and continue swimming. You will reach a safe hill for sure.

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