Monday, January 17, 2022

3 Identifiable fruits of Cambodia

Here I'm going to indicate about fruits that are truly and can be called as identified fruit of my country.

1. Palm

It is national tree of Cambodia.

I love eating palm fruit and drink palm juice.

There are two kinds of palm juice. One is sweet and one is sour; sour palm juice is alcoholic liquid.

Palm fruit can be eaten raw or made to be dessert. However, I prefer eating palm fruit naturally.

2. Namwa

There are many kinds of banana in Cambodia, but the famous one is called Namwa.

This fruit can be eaten naturally, and yes, it can be made to be dessert, cake. Most of Khmer cakes are participated by Namwa banana.

3. Coconut

Compare to palm, coconut is more famous even it is not national tree or fruit. 

It is easy to find in Cambodia both in city and province.

I like drinking coconut juice. I usually ask seller to cut it bigger. I put straw to take water. When I empty it, I dig spoon into fruit and drag its meat out. Um, this is how I eat the coconut. Very best feeling.

There are various of fruits in Cambodia.

I will show you next time.

If you are coming to Cambodia, please don't forget try these three. I bet you will never ever forget fresh and natural tastes of Cambodian fruit.

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