Saturday, January 8, 2022

3 Ta Pe, flammable liquid dessert of Cambodia

Allow me to introduce three kinds of Ta Pe of Cambodia.

Ta Pe is a kind of Khmer dessert made by sticky rice mixed with a kind of local wine. It is considered as alcohol dessert that is not suitable to eat much - because it can cause eater to be drunken. Some of people become not well, such as headache or feel burn inside body.

There are two main kinds of Ta Pe : black Ta Pe and white Ta Pe. The process is same, just black Ta Pe is made by black sticky rice, and white Ta Pe is made by white sticky rice. 

Among the two, black Ta Pe is popular. There are many fans. As for white Ta Pe, there is less eaters and mostly, it is hard to find in market.

If talking about taste, they have little difference.

Black Ta Pe's sticky rice is harder when white Ta Pe is softer. Though they are made by same ingredients, wine, but white Ta Pe seems to have smell and flavor of alcohol more than black Ta Pe.

To add taste, Cambodian serves with dried coconut flesh.

In general, Ta Pe is made as a ball, especially white Ta Pe. As for black Ta Pe, sometimes it is normal sticky rice, sometimes it is ball.

Besides sticky rice, there is one kind of Ta Pe, made by corn.

The process is same, just change from sticky rice to corn.

This kind of Ta Pe is rarely found in market. Only few people can make it and few Cambodian know about it.

If talking about taste, it is like eating steam corn with wine. Unique. Tasty.

That's all my presentation about Cambodian Ta Pe.

If you come to Cambodia, please try this dessert. But don't eat too much or you will end up sleeping.

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