Friday, January 14, 2022

5 Fruits found only in Cambodia and Asean

Let me introduce five types of fruit you may find only in Cambodia and ASEAN countries. Well, what I mean, you may able to find them in other countries but mostly in ASEAN and yes, my country, Cambodia.

Kampot Durian

In Cambodia, we distinguish the durian by its provinces.

There are durians from Kampot, Sihanouk Vile, Pailin, Samlot, Kampongcham, Ratanakkiri and Mondolkiri.

Their tastes are different.

Among them, Kampot durian is well known and expensive because it has very good taste. Sharp sweetness.

It has yellow color, like gold, more than durian from other provinces.

It has small pulp but its flesh is thick and its seed is small.

Yes, because it is good and delicious that's why it has high price.

Kampot durian is about 25,000 Riels per one kilogram (including flesh and skin) - about 6.00 USD.

It is seasoning fruit. June until July is season of durian. The cheap price is about 20,000 Riels per one kilogram.


In Cambodia, we call it ‘French sweetsop’.

It is sour and sweet.

It is not really seasoning fruit in Cambodia, but at least, it is popular especially among lady.

Its price is not so high, but it is considered as one of high price fruit in Cambodia.

If there are a lot, it costs one kilogram is 4,000 to 6,000 Riels - about 1.00 to 1.50 USD. If there is less numbers, price will be higher.


Rare seeing in Cambodian market because most of people don't like its taste.

Only elder people eat this fruit.

Me, I like it.

When it is ripe, it is sweet and has good smell.

Not many Cambodian farmers grow eggfruit. But yes, it is sold in high price in the market, and few people buy it.


There are a lot of kinds of mango in Cambodia.

Because I have only photo of two kinds so I want to present these two. If I can get photo of all of them, I will show you next.

First is Keo Jen mango. The most famous and expensive mango in Cambodia. It is sweet and has good smell; it brings you energy.

Second is Papaya mango. I don't know why it's named like this. It is originally from Cambodia and mostly grow in house’s yard, for family eating only. When it is young, it is so sour. When it is ripe, it changes to have sweet taste and juicy. You cannot find Papaya mango, all time in market because it is not popular. Only some occasion and small market has it.


I bet some of you don't know this kind of fruit.

It is a type of high price fruit in Cambodia and yes, it is popular among lady.

It grows in Cambodia, but I don't know about the location.

Even though it is popular, but most people are afraid to eat it. Why? Because they are scared of poison.

If you want to eat mangosteen, before, during and after, you cannot eat sugar, even sweet or sweet drink. It becomes poisonous if it touches with sweet, that's why Cambodian are afraid to eat it. Furthermore, it has pulps and some pulp contains seed, so kid and old people are not recommend to eat it because they might have trouble if they swallow the pulp with seed.


That’s all of my article.

If you are interesting to try these regional fruits, come to Cambodia. You will find your days amazing.

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