Friday, January 14, 2022

5 Pickled vegetable in Cambodia

Below are three types of picked vegetable recipe that can be found in Cambodia. They have good taste and can boost appetite.

1. Pickled Bilimbi

It is rare to find in market. Mostly, it is made in family and only elder people can make it.

It can be eaten with fried fish or grilled fish.

2. Gong Chai

I heard that it is Chinese recipe. In Cambodia, we call it sour cabbage or Gong Chai - that is called after Chinese.

Gong Chai is usually made and sold by half-blood of Chinese and Cambodian. This pickled food can be found in market in Cambodia.

3. Sour Green Mustard

This one is Cambodian pickled recipe.

Mostly, Cambodian makes matured green mustard, but sometimes, they make from young one as well - like in the photo.

Even though it is a kind of pickled food like Gong Chai, but way to make it is different, also the taste is quite different.

Sour green mustard can be found in market. Not expensive. And it can be kept in fridge for more than one month.

4. Pickled Khmer Melon

Cambodian melon is similar to cucumber; just the size is bigger.

Cucumber can be pickled recipe; Khmer melon can be as well.

In this photo, it is pickled Khmer melon. It is put in salty water for many days. When it is matured, it will become sour.

Longer it keeps, sour it is.

5. Pickled Radish

White radish can be put in soup. Also, it is made pickled recipe.

I hear that it is taken to dry under sun light before it is put with salt.

This kind of food is to add taste to the food. Its taste is good but its smell is bad.

Of course, they are not healthy; however, they are tasty and most of Cambodian love to get it to be on their dining table.

These kinds of food can be eaten by elder people and children, but should be eaten little and drink warm water after having.

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