Tuesday, January 11, 2022

6 Cambodian unhealthy but tasty food

Food that I introduce below cannot be eaten by old age, high blood pressure, or/and sick people because they are salty and not cooked.

I don't say much; just tell their names and some information that I know about them.

1. Paok

It is made by small fishes.

I don't know how to make it. I just heard that the fishes are not cooked, they are put raw into a pot and mixed ingredient, and it has to be very salty or it will be bad.

2. Yao He


It is called like this in Cambodia.

This one is made by raw shrimp put in salty box for many days.

3. Swollen Fish

There is a kind of fish in Cambodia that can produce such a food.

Swollen fish is what I call it.

It has not good smell and it is very salty. However, it is so good to eat with hot rice or hot porridge. But after eating, I am so thirsty.

4. Ka Chiv

I heard that it is from Koh Kong province. Some people say this from Thailand through Koh Kong citizen. Some say it is Khmer food of people that live at sea province.

Whatever, I just find that its taste is strange and quite good. But it is a kind of pickled food; it is not healthy at all.

5.  Mum

It is original name in Cambodia.

I don't know what is made from. Just knew that it has not good smell. It is best to eat with vegetable, but most of eaters, specially from Europe, usually feel not well because it is salty and eat with raw vegetable.

6. Teuk Krerng

I don't like this one much, but among the six recipes in this article, this one is considered as better food, because it is made by fish and it is not strong salty; however, it is still not healthy.

If you visit Cambodia and try these food, I recommend you to not eat at afternoon or evening. After eating, you should drink a lot of water, but drink warm water, not cool one or your throat will be not well.

It is best if you eat it at hotel that you stay, because if you are not well after you eat these, you can find treatment on time.

Again, I want to remind please don't eat if you are old age, sick, high pressure, or having surgery.


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