8 Traditional sweets of Cambodia

Now, I would like to introduce about eight traditional Cambodian sweets, including dessert and cake.

I cannot describe much because I am not skilled in making - say honestly, I love eating, not cooking. 

Most of the names of the sweets, I use the original Khmer name.


1. Loat

It is made of rice. 

To get a light green color, it is mixed with panda leaves.

It is bland, so it is served with sugar sauce. It is best if the sauce is made by palm.

2. Prakrong

It is made by a kind of plant in Cambodia. The plant is called Prakrong, that's why the dessert is named after it.

It is soft and a type of dessert to release heat inside the body. This one is popular among old people.

Eaters can eat it bland or put sugar, or sugar sauce.

3. Corn Ta Pe

Ta pe is the name of a dessert of Cambodia that is made by fermented black sweet rice. It is a kind of alcoholic dessert; if you eat too much, you will be drunk.

Ta pe can also be made by corn. The taste is quite a little bit different, but you cannot escape from being drunk if you eat it much.

Most people feel burns inside that cause them fever or headache.

4. Kromao Tort

It is made with sticky rice, wrapped around a piece of banana, and fried in hot oil.

Most of the cakes in Cambodia use Namwa banana, but this one uses a kind of banana called 'chicken egg banana'.

5. Num Jack Ko

Num means cake. Jack means banana. Ko means stir. 

So, it means 'stirring banana cake'.

It is made from Namwa banana, coconut milk, and sugar.

6. Bak Ben

I don't know how to explain in English. It is the original name in Khmer language of this cake.

This sweet is produced by one kind of sweet potato of Cambodia.

7. Num Ko

It is like stirring banana cake, but it has no banana.

8. Pumpkin Cake

It is a sibling of stirring banana cake. Just use pumpkin instead of banana.

There are a lot of Cambodian traditional cakes; however, I cannot describe them all in this one page. Let me find out and indicate to you later.


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