Friday, January 7, 2022

9 Old brooches age almost 20 years

I have collected old things and kept them, such as brooch.

Most of the brooches are from my family, and they are aged about 20 years old - since I saw them arriving in hand of my family's members.

If you look at photos, you see that they are old style; they are not having good appearance and some are broken.

I don't know where they came from - but I remember the last two brooches my aunt bought from Thailand when she visited during year 2000.

Most of these items cannot be founded nowadays, but the last two are still available in Thailand, I think.

I have two reasons to show about these old brooches:

1. I want to recall beautiful art of brooch in the past.

2. I want to give idea to any people that want to be blogger, but cannot find blog's niche. Old things that they have might be good theme because readers seem to be interested in things in elder era.


Thanks for reading.

See you next.

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