Cambodian ancient way to reduce fever

Each country has its own classic or ancient method to treat illness. Cambodia too.

When I was young, I did not release often. It was three to five days. Because of that, my temperature was high and I did not feel well.

At that time, my family did not have much money. Going to the hospital needed a lot. Unless the illness was serious.

When my grandmother knew about my condition, she made a drink to treat it. No electric machine in that year. My grandma used a spoon to scratch war gourd then put its flesh in a veil and squeezed with her hands to get juice. Afterwards, she mixed it with coconut juice and told me to drink it.

I did not have any idea what it was. I just knew that I liked it.

Now, I know that it is a kind of medicine to treat high temperatures. It was used by Cambodians in ancient times.

At present, we have an electric juicer machine. Sometimes, I make this to drink.

It is easy.

There are two main ingredients: coconut juice and young wax gourd. 

In general, I use one coconut and one wax gourd.

Cut wax gourd into pieces - the right shape that is matched with your juicer. Then put it in a juicer to get it juice. After, pour coconut juice to mix with it. Adjust by yourself. 

As for me, I like to use coconut juice much more than wax gourd because wax gourd's juice tastes strange. 

Please be aware that after you make it, you have to drink it immediately. If you keep it longer, it will make your stomach ache or you might get diarrhea. 

It is better to drink after you have a meal. Best time to use it is after breakfast. After 4pm, it should not be touched because it contains coconut juice - it can make you pee a lot at night and disturb your sleep.

However, this kind of medicine is able to treat low-fever only. If your temperature is so high, please go to see a doctor. Also, you have to discuss this with the doctor before you try this drink.


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