Monday, January 3, 2022

Cambodian interpretation about dragon in dream

Cambodian is like other people, they believe that dream has special meaning, it wants to tell something.

There are various of things appear in dream, but in this article, I just talk about dragon.

Let’s me clarify that my essay is relying on common belief of most Cambodian people – and from my own notice. I hope you to consider, don’t trust my writing one hundred percent.

In Cambodia, dragon in dream is telling about romance.

If someone dreams that there is dragon wraps their body, it means they will meet a lover.

If in the dream, the dragon does not go away and wraps them until the dreamer awakes, it means they can be able to tie a knot. But if the dragon wraps then releases, it means they can meet or fall in love, but they might not be able to get married or stay together longer.

Cambodian believe that if they are wrapped by dragon, it means the lover is powerful person.

Base on my notice, there are two kinds of dragon:

  • Khmer dragon
  • Chinese dragon


Khmer dragon

It looks like a snake but its head is like wearing a throne.

If in the dream is Khmer dragon, it means the romance partner is high ranking person in private sector – company or NGO.

Chinese dragon

If in the dream, the dragon has legs and two long pieces of mustache, it is called Chinese dragon.

It is interpreted that the partner is high ranking person in public sector; they are government officer.

Appearance of lover

Dreamer can guess appearance of their partner by noticing the appearance of dragon in the dream.

Color of dragon is color of skin of the partner.

Length of dragon is height of the partner etc.

Birthplace of lover

Well, we cannot guess nationality of the partner, but we can feel where they come from.

If the dragon appears to wrap you, it means that person is in same place that you are living.

If it comes from water, it means they are not in your current living spot. If the water is small, it means they are from same country but different city/province. If the water is large, it can be different country, but same continent. If the water is sea or ocean, the partner will come from far country.

How to meet

It’s very hard to guess how to meet. Still, you can have clue by noticing the dream.

If the dragon flies in the sky, it means you and your lover meet online.

If you stand before your house, and the dragon comes to wrap, it means you meet them in your country.

If you stand or go somewhere that you don’t know and meet the dragon, it can mean you and your partner have meeting outside your country.


That’s all what I can tell.

Like I mentioned above, it is better to notice by your own. Meaning of dream is changed according to each person. Only you can know what true meaning of your dream.

Even the place or how, you have to go after your own notice. It is better and trustful than other’s suggestion.

Remember, if you believe, it exists. If you don’t, dream is nothing.

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