Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Cambodian traditional spices remove acne mark on face

I like using natural beauty product. Like acne mark on my face, I use natural home remedies that is made by my friend. She makes it herself and she learns from elder people.

The product my friend produces is from traditional spices of Cambodia. I don’t know how to make it; I just know how to use it.

My friend told that she makes it from plai, turmeric, and honey.

I would like to declare that it is my own method. You have to consider deeply if you want to use my way. And please finish the article; there are important contents that you might miss if you don’t read until the end.

Well, if you think the spices is safe for you, you can follow steps as below:

- clean your face with normal water, then dry it property with cloth or tissue.

- put the spices into a clean bowl then wet it with about five drops of normal water; adjust amount by yourself both the spices and water.

- blend it with your finger or spoon and mix it well.

- use finger to take it to put on acne mark; adjust amount by yourself.

- leave it between 15 to 20 minutes, then wash it with normal water.

It is a kind of natural treatment. It does not show you effect fast like chemical medicine. If your acne mark is recent, then you take short time to remove it. If it is longer mark, you'll need many months to cure.

My routine is when I treat my acne mark, I don’t use any product even lotion. Unless the mark is removed, then I can apply makeup or night pack – if I want.

In order to get best result, I apply twice a week.

For example, I use it on Monday. After I leave my face to be free. On Thursday, I apply it again.

It is way to protect the skin. The spices is able to remove mark, but at same time, it can give trouble to our skin as well; it can make skin irritate; that’s why I recommend everyone to think carefully before you use this, especially people who have sensitive skin.

For the water, just use normal water. No need to use boil water or special water product. Just water from sink tube, with normal temperature is good enough.

If you remain much of the spices, you can apply on other dark spots on your face.

I’m going to upload videos of my progress to show you the real result.

If you are interested in to know how good or bad it is, you can follow up my youtube channel : Makeup Play Play.

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