Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Gate of ghost, Cambodian tourist place suitable for ghost story writer

When people visit Angkor, they go to Angkor Wat or Angkor Thom. As for me, I wish to visit Gate of Death or Gate of Ghost.
The gate of ghost is located along the road between Angkor Thom and Angkor Wat. There is a way in, a small land road.
Both Cambodian and visitors don't visit there.
There are two reasons the gate is kept alone :

  1. It is related to real history of the gate of ghost. During Khmer Empire, there were wars. There were many soldiers injured. When the troop returned to kingdom, the wounded soldier were carried in through that gate to the hospital. Some of them could not be cured and died. When they died, the dead body was carried out of city through that door. Another case was when the criminal was behead, they were carried to behead at that door as well. Because of these reason, the door is believed to be dark place. No one dares to go near it. Cambodian believes there are bad spirits around that can hurt or bring them bad luck.
  2. One Tuk Tuk driver told me that the visitors don’t like to go there because they are worried about their safety – it is quiet and there is no security guard.

Actually, it is really quiet. If you go alone, you will feel the fear coming to your heart. It is not about the history. It is about the place – its quietness.

But it is very good place that can inspire writers of ghost story. The quietness, the wind, the forest sound, the stone, very very attractive night mare.

Well, because there is no visitor, the gate is still good condition. The shape of gate, the stone, the sculpture are remained its original form.

If you are interested to go there, please ask advice from security guard. Don't go there alone with Tuk Tuk driver. He cannot help you if there is a problem.

Your safe is priority.

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