Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Go to Phnom Penh pub street to find healthy soup

When talking about pub street in Cambodia, most of people think about pub street in Siem Reap. Actually, there is pub street in Phnom Penh as well, just the name is Bassac Lane.

The weather is changed. In Cambodia is cool; it makes my health not strong and I want to eat something hot. And Bassac Lane is the choice.

I went to where I used to eat with my friend. My aim was beef soup with ginger.

It is my favorite.

Combination of hot soup, tender beef slice, spicy taste of ginger and red chili brought warm into my body. In a large of bowl, there is noodle that is hand made by the store. Healthy and tasty. The soup made me full whole night.

To increase tasty of living, I called coconut shake. Um, I can tell that I felt like I was living on paradise.

The price is not high. The soup and drink cost me about USD 11, plus WAT.

Well, there are various food and drink in the lane. You can enjoy from afternoon till night.

Cambodia has many tourist places, both in Phnom Penh and provinces.

If you are in Phnom Penh, and want to enjoy food street and night life, I recommend Bassac Lane. Small area but remain big in your memory.

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