Thursday, January 27, 2022

How I add copyrights on phone

My mind is not wide; I don't want my photo to be pirated; therefore, I usually put copyrights on my image.

Besides Microsoft PowerPoint, I use phone edit to add copyrights on photo.

In phone, I go to photo gallery then select image that I want to use.

After, I select 'edit'.

Under image, there are Copyright, Slogan, Text and Location.

I select Copyright; it'll show © Click to edit author. I touch it, it goes to Set copyright. I type my name then click save.

I like to put name of my site under my name, and in Set copyright there is limit length, so I click Text in order to put site's title. 

Same as Copyright, when I touch it, it goes to Set Text, then I write name of my site - that I usually make. Text in copyright cannot be colored, but here, I can choose color for my text; however, I don't want; I prefer original white shade.

Both copyright and text can be dragged to locate anywhere on image; also, they can be enlarged or reduce.

After I feel satisfied, I click SAVE.


It's my own technique. 

You can check your own phone and utilize it to be beneficial for your work.

Now a day, phone is everything. Though it is not professional design program, but it is good and very useful specially for low tech person.

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