How I create my drawing

I don't know how to draw. I am better at taking photos or videos.

But sometimes, I need drawing, not photography.

There are drawers in Cambodia. However, I rarely go to them. First, I don't have much money - they charge from USD 15 to USD 50 for one A4. Second, I don't know if I can work with them or not. Hence, I decided to use my own way to create a drawing for my story.

Yes, I am a writer. I write both fiction and non-fiction; I also write news articles. Those need pictures, sometimes photos, sometimes drawing.

In order to get the drawing, I use a photo in the first step. I take photos of any object that I am interested in. After that, I edited it to be a drawing. Or I take a photo of an abstract picture, after that, I draw according to my imagination.

Like the above photo. I found it by chance. It is my blanket. 

When I got up one morning, I imaged the picture on the blanket. So, I hurriedly took a camera and recorded it. Then I made an outline to remind me of the shape of the imagined picture.

It is not done yet. I need time to edit it to become a useful image for my fiction/site.

Though it is done, I need the right time and right theme to post it.


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