Saturday, January 8, 2022

How I manage photo to post on my site

Blog cannot be without image. Whether photo or painting is adding beauty to the article and attracting viewers to have feeling to read. That's why I usually put image along my text.

To be identified that image is my belonging, I set image management.

Mostly, I take photo, paint, or/and design by myself. If I use other's, it's my relative's or my friend's that I ask permission to use already.

I am not kind person. I don't like my image to be used, so I put copyrights.

I ever mentioned about T5 in previous article, and I apply first to image management that I plan to upload on my site.

1. Because I am low tech, so I use Microsoft PowerPoint to set copyrights mark. I save a sample document that I can use it anytime. In the doc, there are always two slides, office themes. 

2. On each slide, there is a box with ©, my name, and my site.

3. I set font, size, and color of my site's image mark.

4. There are two types of image format, landscape and portrait. I set the copyrights mark for both types format.

5. I choose my image type, PNG file.


With this rule, I can:

- save time.

- have identified image for my site.


Every work has to be managed.

You don't have to study management in university to be able to manage your work. Just set rule for your work and follow the rule.

When you are good managing, your work will have good flow - and it can reach goal effectively as well.

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