How to treat cracked heel

Everyone got it. Me too.

How to cure it?

Well, I have a way. You can do it at home. It is easy but it takes time and needs your full cooperation.

There are three steps to cure the cracked heel.

1. Brush your heel

I don't use a heel brush. I use a toothbrush because it has a thin thread that can go into the cracked line to remove dirt.

Heel brush is hard; it can cause the cracked line to be bigger; on the other hand, the toothbrush keeps the size of the cracked line, just you need to spend longer time than heel brush to clean your heel. 

After brushing the heel already, dry it with a towel. Dry it well. It is not good if your heel is still wet. 

2. Apply lotion

Mostly I use body lotion, but don't use face lotion or any cream that has special function or/and ingredients. You should use normal lotion for normal skin. If you are not sure what you should use, then use cracked heel cream.

Put lotion on cracked heels. Adjust by yourself the amount of the liquid.

3. Wear socks

After applying lotion, you have to wear socks. And yes, plus wearing shoes.

Cracked heels can be treated fast if your feet are in these two boxes.



You can apply this method twice a day. In the morning and at night before you go to bed.

It's fine to keep it till evening. But when you go to bed, please clean your feet before applying lotion - and next morning, clean your feet with normal water.


To get good results, you shouldn't walk bare feet. It is good if you wear shoes, and it is great if you wear socks and shoes.

Even though your heel is healed, still you should not walk your feet nude. Staying in socks/shoes will heal your heel and will keep your feet away from the crack.


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