Monday, January 3, 2022

I make TVC to get living support

I had worked in an agency producing TVC.

I did not study related to this field, but I am fan of writing and of TVC. I love to watch TVC, and my favorite is American and Thai TVC. Therefore, I liked the job the most. However, I worked for three months only - because the company gave salary so late.

In the agency, I learnt shortly from Filipino manager. He created easy template for copywriters - even I don't have skill or background in this field, I can understand and do work easily.

Now a day, I am staying at home, and I am working hard to earn money from writing website and make video. 

The world is under competition. I have no ability to compete with other because my competence is low. However, I cannot stop working - because I need money to support living.

After thinking for few months, I decide to use my small skill in making TVC to get $.

I just started. My customer is my friends. I make video for them and upload to my channel youtube - but I don't put my channel monetize. 

I charge from my friend very small. I do all for them - idea, script, technical are count on me; also I help promotion by uploading the video on my youtube channel and facebook page.

Even though it is not successful yet, but at least my life is getting better.

Before, I was angry with the company - because they caused me money trouble; now, I thank them for they taught me skill that I can use during the hard time.

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