Wednesday, January 26, 2022

I take photos to be theme of my video slide

I have youtube channel talking about public administration; the video is Khmer language.

My video is using presentation style. I use Microsoft PowerPoint to create slide.

There are channels that use presentation style for their video. Some use same theme to mine. After seeing, I felt I wanted to use different theme.

I tried to figure out how I could get theme that no one did not have. Then I thought about taking photo.

I went around my house and recorded everything that I thought it would be useful for my presentation video. Wall, sky, surface of chair etc. My favorite is foot cleaning mat. I love them because they have suitable color and pattern.

Mostly, I edit it such as correction its color, put artistic effect, or recolor.

I am really happy when I see my theme of presentation is unique. It is a great feeling. With this, I can have identified channel and presentation theme. If someone stole my video, it would be easily to be recognized and I can report to youtube to get justice.

Sometimes, I feel it is a kind of art.

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