Saturday, January 1, 2022

If I want 100 USD, I must make 20,000 articles

It's been for four months already. I've got less than 10 USD from website.
Say honestly, I am hopeless; I almost give up; I feel it is hard to survive with online career.
But I don't want to give up. My heart and my brain say together that I must not give up. Therefore, I pause action. I sit and think.
I cannot find  how to get hundred audiences.
Later, I remind a story about an old donkey.

The donkey fell into deep hole. It cried for its owner to help. The farmer heard crying of the donkey, he hurriedly came. When he looked at his donkey in the hole, he had an idea. He thought that the donkey was old, it could not be helpful in his farm and it could not live longer. Moreover, the hole was an old well; soon, the villagers would cover this well; he thought it was useless to help the donkey out. He decided cover the well and burred the donkey at same time. The farmer called his relatives and told about his idea. Everyone agreed then they dig land to throw into the hole with purpose to cover the hole and to eliminate the donkey. The donkey was terrified when it sensed the human were planing to do. It cried horribly. Later on, it found way to save itself. It used the land that the people threw in to build stairs and it climbed up from the hole by itself.

What I see from the story is making impossible thing to be possible. Though there is a small chance, still we can create achievement.
I feel awakening.
I look at my site potential. I don't have big audience. One article, I've got only 5 views. This view is stable. It means this 5 views is my strength.
I begin calculation.
Let's make a goal.
I want to get 100 USD.
According to my traffic, I get 1 USD for 1,000 view. It means I need 100,000 view (one hundred thousand view) to get 100 USD.
I have only five view or five visitors, per article. If I want 100,000 view, I must have 20,000 (twenty thousand) articles.
If I want to produce these numerous articles in a day, I have to write 834 articles in one hour (in one minute, I must create at least 14 articles).

Oh my gosh.
I ask myself can I do it?
Well, it is really really really a hard job - because I am alone. How I suppose to make 14 articles per minute?
It's big challenge; however, I want to try. I want to know as well that I have ability to reach my goal or not.
There is no rule that the article is to be long. And no one says I have to start tomorrow or I finish in one day. My real goal is to make 20,000 articles - in short time. So, fine. I take the challenge.

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