Saturday, January 29, 2022

Nature is amazing

Just drop of water on green leaf can make an amazing view.

I don't know how to describe what I am feeling inside; I just know that I am so peaceful to see these pictures. It makes me fresh; it makes my mind calm; it makes my lips smile.

I usually got upset or discourage; when I meet such situation, I go to my balcony garden then try to take picture of my plants. Mostly, I like to take picture after I water it. The water always creates surprised event to my eyes. Sometime on the leaves, sometimes on the soil. It's reason I like to take photography.

My favorite photo scene is related to nature, especially water and tree.

If compare between water and tree, I like to take picture of water, but it is not easy because I live in city; it is unable to find natural water. Only rain. However, I cannot take photo of rain like my mind wishes too - because it's dangerous. Hence, I have to create water on any nature and yes, nothing is best than green.

What I want to tell you is significance of nature. Not only water and tree, but also earth, wind and sun light. All of these things bring peaceful joy into our soul. It heals us from sadness and reduces sufferings that we meet in life; therefore, I suggest everyone to give space to the nature to grow around you, and please take time to stay close with them. I can guarantee that it is very good for your health especially your mental. If you take these into your life, your body will be stay farther from hospital.

Treasure the nature. Please.

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