Sausages in Cambodia

Cambodia has two kinds of sausage, in general. One is made of pork and one is made of beef.

Sarch Krork

It is the Khmer name of pork sausage.

Normally, when we mention sarch krork, Cambodian sellers perceive, without explaining, that we want pork sausage.

This food is needed to fry in fried oil. It can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mostly, Cambodians eat sarch krork with porridge or steam rice.

Because it is oily, after eating, the eater should drink warm water or hot tea.

Kwar Ko

If you want to buy beef sausage, you should say, kwar ko.

It is a sausage too, but Cambodians rarely say sarch krork ko; we just call kwar ko only.

Kwar Ko is made similar to sarch krork, just it is oval and short when sarch krok is oval but long.

Ingredients and tastes are a little bit different.

Sarch krork is made of pork, meat and belly. As for kwar ko, it is made of beef and mixed with peanuts. Sarch krork is salt; kwar ko is a little bit sour.

Usually, Cambodian grill kwar kor; but it can be fried as well.

As same as sarch krork - you should drink warm water or hot tea after eating kwar ko. 

Normally, Cambodian like to use kwar ko as a snack or pair with beer.


Though these two are tasty, they are not a type of healthy food; therefore, you should not eat much or regularly.


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