Thursday, January 6, 2022

Sosoro of Cambodia, first currency museum in the world

The museum was officially grand opening on April, 08 2019. It is called ‘Srey Eysan Varaman Museum’ in Khmer language or ‘Sosoro Museum’ official name.

It is located in Phnom Penh, close to Night Market at river side.

It is the unique museum. Only talking about history of currency and economy of Cambodia.

It is first currency museum in the world, based on my understanding.

Because of this museum, I realize that:

  • Cambodia had no currency. Cambodian did not know to spend money, only exchange things.
  • Cambodia started to be familiar with how to spend money in 4th Century while other countries used in 2nd Century.
  • Cambodian first currency was coin (from Burma) in Funan period.
  • Cambodian had coins from Burma and Rome. It means Europe had done trade with Cambodian thousand years ago.
  • During Khmer empire, Mohanokor Era, Cambodian did not have currency; we exchanged things. For instance, you want melon, you have to find someone whom has melon and suggest. Then the owner says they want cloth in exchange. If you have cloth, then you can get the melon. If you don’t have, you have to go other to exchange to get cloth, then return to owner of melon.
  • No currency was one factor among others that made Khmer empire lose in war - and caused the fall of Khmer empire, Angkor Era.
  • Khmer started to make own currency in era of King Ang Duong. The king ordered currency machine from United Kingdom, transported to Cambodia by Singapore and installed by Thai. The machine is two tons and is remained. It is placed inside park of Sosoro.

There are more.

Inside the museum, it has air conditioner. No photo/video is allowed to be taken.

Sosoro has ground floor and first floor, divided to 12 small halls. There are guides for each hall to describe to you along with technical devices, video seeing, information touch screen device etc. The interesting story behind the currency and economy of Cambodia is described from the very early years of Cambodia to currently Cambodia. There are coins from ancient times placed in glass-box. There are a lot of beautiful stories related to Khmer currency you can find only in Sosoro museum.

Sosoro opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 - 18:00. Monday and national holiday are closed. Price, $ 5.00 for international guest and $ 1.00 for Cambodian.

It is easy if you take motor there because there is no space for car park. And it will be easiest if you go there by public transport such as motordub, tuk-tuk or taxi.

Don't wait. Come. Sosoro is very awesome.

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