Sunday, January 30, 2022

What time to share article on Twitter

Here is my experience related to article sharing on Twitter.

I suggest you to read until end of essay or you might miss or misunderstand some points.

1. Original location

I am Cambodian and my site is from Cambodia. 

I have two sites, and

Mostly, I publish article both in day and night times. I set my article to be shown on my site everyday:

- very happy piglet, at 11am and 11pm.

- yaya idea, at 9am and 9pm.

They are main hours of mine. However, I can publish at other times if I have more articles, but these four are my regularly o'clock.

2. Why I set time like this

You have to know that there are two potential location that your site can be reached audience. First is where you are living, second is where is website's headquarter.

I am in Cambodia, so Cambodia is first place that my site has chance to arrive the reader. Blogspot is located in USA; therefore, USA is second locale of my audience.

Cambodia and USA have contrast time. While Cambodia is day time, generally USA is night time. Therefore, I publish articles a day two times. Within this method, both Cambodian and American readers can get my site whether they are day reader or night reader.

I set hour - 9 and 11, because they are time that people are ready to read. 

9am in Cambodia is break time for Cambodian officer to take coffee; it is 9pm in USA - people are arriving home and have dinner already; they should be on sofa then they launch their cellphone or laptop.

11am in Cambodia is lunch time; people can eat and watch news through phone. As for USA, it is 11pm; people are in bed and yes, google will rank my site then I have chance to reach for American night audience.

3. Time I share on twitter

I usually share on twitter from 9am to 12pm and from 8pm to 9pm.


Twitter people are mostly from US. Hence, when I share from 9am to 12pm, it is night time in US and they are to enjoy their tweets. It is chance for my site to reach for them. Same, from 8pm to 9pm in Cambodia, it is 8am and 9am in US; people already get up and some of them are arriving office; they will open browser; if they check for similar content, then my site will able to have chance to be viewed.

In conclusion, to share on twitter to get view, you have to consider first is where you are staying and second is USA. Try to get potential hour of these two locales and set right hour to publish and share.

I want to inform that it is my own experience. I don't guarantee that it works with you. You have to do it, you have to think, you have to do research about your own possible schedule.

That's all what I can share.

Thanks for reading.

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