Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Why I give up salary job to be self-employed

I was an office staff. In 2020, I decided to quit and work for myself.

I earned around USD 400 per month. Now, monthly, I've got about USD 10 only.

It is huge different. I can return to the office career, but I choose not to; I choose to work for myself though I don't get hundred.


There are five reasons to make me decide like this:

1. I don't like work under control

Disciplinary is good, but sometimes I feel bored with it.

Go to work before 8am. 

Cannot get off before 5pm.

Have to wear uniform.

Have to work as assign, etc.

2. I have less time for myself and my family

From morning till evening is for office.

After leaving, still bring work to home, sometimes.

Some weekends, I have to go to office too.

Even I am not well, I still go to work; unless my illness is serious that can allow me to get up from bed.

Sometimes, I have problem at home; I cannot solve it peacefully because I have to go to work.

I have very small personal and family hour. I feel not pleased with it.

3. I don't like to compete with my co-worker

It is common activity in social. Work hard and compete with co-workers to be promoted.

Most of colleagues like this kind of act; they like to compete, they want to be promoted - because they want high salary or higher position. For them, it is a very great honor and happiness in their life.

I am only anti-person. I don't like it.

I have seen many colleagues turn from good to be bad. Because they want to be promoted, they are not shamed to lie, to cheat, even to ruin their close person. They are not afraid to backstab their friend, they are not scared to steal their friend's work, they are not frightened to use trick to push their friend down.

Because I don't want to quarrel with my colleagues and I don't want to be treated like mentioned above, so I decide to run away.

4. I don't find self-creativity

Even though I work in creative writing position, but I don't feel working in office gives me chance to have enough creativity. Still I have to work under control and assign from company and client.

I don't have anything call - being myself.

5. I don't like same or unfair challenge

Challenge is my favorite activity, but I don't think challenge in office work is my type. It's always the same. No new theme.

Plus, I feel the challenge is not fair, and sometimes, it is cheating; therefore, quitting is best.

People have different point of view.

I don't say office work is bad; I just say it is not good for me.

However, it depends on person's situation. Some people don't want to work in office, they want to have their own space too, but they don't have ability.

Well, no matter you are employee or you are self-employed, please do your job correctly, respectfully, and morally.

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