Sunday, February 6, 2022

4 Older computer games I like to play

After working many hours, I need to relax.

I am interested in simple game only. So mostly, I play...


I have played this game many years. Still I am fond of it.

I like to sit alone in the bedroom and lock my face and eyes with the laptop screen.

Spider Solitare

It is my favorite too.

I am playing the advance stage. Well, I don't win all the times; I win some cases.


I never lose. But win every times make me bored.

Mahjong Titans

I have played this for five years, and I love it.

It doesn't need me to think much, just find the matched image cubes, then I will win at the end. Ifhe pairs are above and below each other and they are remained lastly, then I'll lose.

It is my habit to like having fun alone with computer.

I don't like playing game with people. The game that is needed to  play individual is my favorite and I don't need action game; I prefer brain game.

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